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RASA A-Z Countdown

Yes, it is that time of year where students are beginning the countdown to summer. During the last month of school will be counting down the days from A-Z. Below, you will find an explanation of each letter day. There are days where your child has to bring in items along with days that we will be doing something special and fun at school. Please help your child on the days that he/she has to bring something in or have something prepared.


Link: A to Z Countdown 2015


Student-Led Conferences

Dear RASA Families,

Thank you so much for coming and participating in your child’s conference. There are many benefits of Student-led conferences and we hope you enjoyed them. Student-led conferences help students take responsibility of their own learning, reflect and evaluate their progress, increase confidence and independence, and help set personal goals. Please take a moment to give your child a much deserved compliment on a job well done!